German as a foreign langauage

Exceeding language boundaries

Wherever you go,

go with all your heart.

- Confucius -

Chinese professor and philosopher (551-479 BC)

Germany - Your new home country

Language is a necessity for communication and it is the basic requirement for a proper understanding of the people, the culture and the country. Furthermore the language is needed in everyday life for doing the shopping, for administrative paperwork and for receiving a new job. Concerning your children the German language is a requirement for achieving good grades at school. The Konstantin Tutoring Centre offers "German as a foreign language", for children age three and above and for adults into old age.

Germany - Your new workplace

You require the German language for presenting yourself to the new employer, for the communication with supervisors and colleges and for establish new friendships. The Konstantin Tutoring Centre supports you with language courses starting from "German for beginners" to the perfect German including "Business German".

Germany - Your holiday destination

If you like to get to know Germany, you should start your holiday with a crash course at the Konstantin Tutoring Centre. Crash courses are offered from "German for beginners" up to "Business German". Furthermore the Konstantin Tutoring Centre can help you with accommodation facilities and any kind of sightseeing.

Language courses at the Konstantin Tutoring Centre mean:

  • the extension of lexis
  • the consolidation of tenses
  • the comprehension of grammar
  • the correct orthography
  • the explicit pronunciation
  • the understanding of various texts

Come to the Konstantin Tutoring Centre and receive the best counselling. The access is possible at all times.

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